Suits and Jackets in Australia

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This page contains a summary of the various Australian suiting options that are generally held in high esteem. The list is by no means exhaustive, but should serve as a good reference point for anyone new to suiting, or new in Australia.

Off the rack

The following options are available in Australian stores and in some cases are also available online:

Brand Description Price Where to buy?
Herringbone The go-to suit brand for many members. All production has recently shifted to China. Previously, the Osaka cut was made in Japan. Has also started a made to measure program. $1100-1300 new, $600 to $900 on sale. Instore or
MJ Bale Started by ex-Herringbone founder. The white label "classic" is made in China and characterised by a slightly skinnier lapel. The grey label "collection" is made in Japan, fully canvassed and often has a slightly wider lapel. Both lines have some jackets with working button holes. Also offers a MTM option called "Samurai suiting" when the head Japanese tailor visits Often runs a two suits for $1,000 deal. $700-1200, $550-650 on sale. Instore or
Rhodes and Beckett Has two cuts, a slim fit and a classic fit. Suits are made in Egypt and have a floating chest piece. Shoulder is more padded than MJ Bale or Herringbone. Previously, the lower end brand Boston Brothers had the same suits at a lower price but this is no longer the case as Boston Brothers suits are now fused. $900-$1100 new, $400-650 on sale. Instore or
Ralph Lauren Polo (aka blue label) suits are made in Italy by Italian-suit-powerhouse Corneliani. They are half canvassed (including lapel) and have a lightly padded shoulder. Most suits are the "Bradford" fit, which is fairly conservative with a mid sized lapel and a low buttoning point. The Garrison fit is sometimes also available, which is characterised by a very large lapel. In Sydney, PRL suits are available from Myer and David Jones in the city. Chatswood in Sydney and the Ralph Lauren boutique in Melbourne also stocks black label and purple label suits, which are considerably more expensive. Black label suits are made by Caruso and purple label by Zegna (previously St Andrews) to the same standard as Zegna's XXX Couture line. EDIT: After Ralph Lauren Corporation took over the RL license from Oroton Group in July 2013, the range of suits and jackets has been cut back considerably, particularly in non-flagship stores and Myer/David Jones PRL $1200-1800 new, $550 to $850 on sale. Currently only instore
TM Lewin The classic line is traditional English construction, with padded shoulders and a lower gorge than most modern suits and therefore not for everyone. TM Lewin boutiques also carry white label, which is characterised by superior construction and fabrics. Expect to size down a size or half a size. Classic: $600-800 new White Label: $800-1100 new Instore Sydney and Melbourne or
Azzaro Azzaro is not a brand, rather a Melbourne retailer of various European suiting brands, including Canali and Versace. For more information, see: Mixed prices depending on item Instore
Montagio Sydney’s leading fashion tailor is located in the heart of the CBD’s shopping district in the charming Dymocks Building. Since 2010, we've paved the path for Sydney men to get suited up in style with our full service tailored mens suits, shirts and coats. Our showroom is full of suit samples and thousands of fabric swatches making it easy for you to get your creative juices flowing and design a look that is uniquely you. We offer a remarkably personal shopping experience for the uncompromising gent, and specialise in individually hand crafted, garments for business, weddings, formal and casual events. We have personally styled and tailored mens suits for thousands of happy customers, and you too can experience the same red carpet treatment. Book in for a personalised fitting and one-on-one styling session and have your uniquely tailored garments conveniently ready for fitting within a few short weeks. $1100-1300 new, $600 to $900 on sale. Instore or

You can of course buy anything you want online, but the following brands are commonly worn or referenced brands available from overseas/online:

Brand Description Price Where to buy?
Suitsupply Dutch based suiting and men's clothing outlet with stores worldwide. Horrible name, but a great selection of suits.and jackets at a range of prices. There are a wide variety of lines sold, with different cuts, prices, fabrics and construction. For further reading, see the following thread: $400-$1500 Instore or http://
Howard Yount Started by a Styleforum member, HY sells a small selection of suits made in China or Italy depending on each item. Good quality and comparatively inexpensive. For the HY Affiliate thread, see: $1100-1300 new, $600 to $900 on sale.

Made to Measure

If off-the-rack suits don't often fit, or you wish to explore greater levels of customisation, quality and construction, the following made to measure suppliers are favoured by Aussie SF members:
Brand Description Price Where to buy?
Patrick Johnson Tailors Made-to-measure suits currently in Sydney and Melbourne. Measurements taken in store and suits made in Italy (previously Netherlands). Fantastic reputation on Styleforum as the one of the best mixes of quality and affordability in Australia (and beyond). $1300 onwards depending on fabric, hand finishing, details. Tumblr:
Suit Shop A new Australian MTM option, associated with P Johnson and offering MTM clothing at a lower price point. Currently appointment only. Measurements and fittings locally, with production in China. Jackets from $495 and up Suits $750 onwards Tumblr: Website:
Deer Style Brisbane based made-to-measure tailor. Measurements and fittings done onshore, with construction offshore $1200 onwards Tumblr:
Kent Wang Again, started by a Styleforum member. Kent Wang has a unique model in which you order an off-the-rack suit and if that doesn't fit then you have the option of trying their MTM service $800-1300
Oscar Hunt Australian Based MTM operation with showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne. Suits are made in China and then finished by their tailors in Australia. Basic cloths are milled in china, top of the range is Dugdale. Runs deals during some months, e.g. free vest with two piece Dugdale suit The Olsen Collection $845 (milled in China), Thomas Ogilvy Collection $995, UK Linley Collection $1,150, Huddersfield Premium Collection $1,100 - $1,850

If you have experienced all that the world of off-the-rack and made to measure suiting has to offer, and have the cash to burn, bespoke is the ultimate in men's clothing. Some renowned Australian tailors include:
Brand Description Price Where to buy?
Cutler Bespoke If you've got a very deep pockets, John Cutler is generally considered one of the best bespoke tailors in Australia. $6000 minimum for a two piece Website: Contact moc.ekopsebreltuc|tcatnoc#moc.ekopsebreltuc|tcatnoc
Bijan Bespoke Saville Row trained tailor in Sydney $$$$$ Website:
Zink and Sons A very old, established tailor in Sydney. For styleforum thread, see: Check out Zink's facebook page for their recent creations $$$$$ Facebook: Website:

Cheaper bespoke options exist overseas, start with places like WW Chan and Ascot Chang in Hong Kong.

Probably not worth it
These are brands available in Australia which are by no means poor quality, but which sell for high prices at which there are potentially better options:

Zegna-great construction but comes at a premium. Z Zegna is the low level line and Zegna Couture is the extreme high level line. Available at boutiques and at David Jones.
Canali-again, great quality but can be hard on your wallet at boutiques and DJs. Azzaro sells some Canali suits for $600-$800.
Paul Smith-fully canvassed, interesting designs, big bucks. Available at Paul Smith boutiques and at Claude Sebastian.
Hugo Boss-largely fused, overpriced and fragile with the exception of Boss selection, which is canvassed and often good quality fabric, but very pricey.
Harrolds-The Harrolds store stocks some amazing items, but at exorbinant prices. It is the only stockist in Australia of Tom Ford, Brioni, Kiton, Pal Zileri and other high end brands.

Don't even think about it
These brands are overpriced, extremely poorly made and should be avoided by anyone who gives a damn about what they wear:
Industrie, Politix, Tarocash, Oxford, YD, Zara, TopMan

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